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What Makes Homemade Bread So Special?

Over the last couple of years, breadmaking has increased in popularity.

Well, that explains the 700% increase in flour sales that various shops have reported.

What do you think: Is it simply out of boredom? Or have people begun to covet organic, homemade food and bread more?

Or perhaps, there’s an entire science behind what makes homemade bread so special – with or without the Pandemic restrictions?

Let us share everything that makes homemade bread so special, and why it’s about time for you to bake your first bread and put that sourdough to good use!

Healthy & Tasty

The adverse impacts of chemicals are an open secret. From potassium bromate and hydrogenated oil to countless preservatives that help bread lasts longer, bread made in a factory is nothing but a mixture of chemicals.

Thus, if you are health and taste conscious and would like more control over what you eat, homemade bread should be your go-to respite for a healthy snack or meal. After all, you get to pick and choose the healthy ingredients and bake one according to your needs and preferences.

A Bread To Remember 

Homemade bread is accepted as the better alternative. Sure, it is healthier, but there are other factors to consider too.

What about the homemade bread smell? What about how homemade bread lasts longer in a bread box container?

Homemade bread can have a higher rise, a crisper crust, and a relatively good shelf if one adds unsalted butter or some oil – either olive or vegetable oil.

Consequently, the homemade bread turns out fluffier, softer, and incredibly easy to chew and digest.

Freshness That Lasts

Homemade bread gets a bad name for its storage abilities. While it’s true they don’t last as long as bread made in a factory, homemade bread does last for an adequate time period such that you can consume it at your will.

In a nutshell, all you need to control is the temperature, air humidity, and how well the bread is stored. Vintage bread box and large bread box are often all you need to keep the bread fresh.

To learn more about how to keep bread fresh and last for longer, here are a few tips to keep your bread fresh for longer in a bread box.

Sweetening The Pot with Homemade Bread

White bread that is found in large bakeries or factories contains a high amount of sugar that causes diabetes.

Homemade bread, on the other hand, requires only three key ingredients and little to no sugar. Therefore, homemade bread, even when it is less in quantity, is more fulfilling and nutritious.

More Than Just A Bread

White bread has existed since time immemorial. They no longer satisfy either our snack cravings or hunger pangs.

This is where homemade bread is a delight!

With homemade bread, one can add flavors to make, for instance, banana bread, and even different syrups to make each bread different and delicious – just like how you want them.

A Fix for Allergies

Many people are allergic to gluten and dairy products. Hence, white bread from factories makes them prone to health problems.

To avoid any allergic reactions, especially to gluten, one can easily prepare gluten-free homemade bread. And this is what makes homemade bread so special as it’s ideal for everyone.

The Unparalleled Joy of Baking Bread

Break-making is an art and often requires collective effort. As a result, making a bread at home brings people closer together and offers them a chance to bond on a deeper level.

Furthermore, with a beautiful display of different homemade bread, displayed in an aesthetic rustic bread box, your homemade bread will always entice friends and family to flock to your house for some nostalgia-filled flavorful bread!


The process of making homemade bread is as old as the human history itself. There’s science, love, and care behind the process.

To elevate your homemade bread-making experience, and ensure your bread lasts longer, check out the different vintage and modern bread boxes at Laura’s Green Kitchen now!


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